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Just Us Girls

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Sunday, October 3, 2010

Lucky number seven

Look at me! I'm seven months old!!

I also have new shoes, see...

It's good to be seven months old! I'm now officially in my second half of my first year of life. Things are good...I LOVE my daycare place, especially Miss Linda and Miss June who I spend the most time with. I also like Miss Jen, who I get to see every morning, but she doesn't stay the whole day. My best friend at daycare is Dallas...she is only a few weeks younger than I am.

Mommy is a little sad because she realized that the reason my eye was looking so much better for about two weeks was only because I had been on antibiotics for ten days. She thought my eye was all better, but she had to make ANOTHER appointment with the eye doctor for October 21st. That's okay, Mommy, I still love you. And hopefully my eye will still have a chance to be all better by the time we have to go see Dr. Lee.