Just Us Girls

Just Us Girls

...one SMC's adventures in single motherhood.

Tuesday, November 19, 2013


Yep, you guessed it, that latest IUI was not successful.  Honestly, I wasn't surprised since it was such an incredible long shot.  I haven't really wanted to blog about it, to be honest, but I can't just say NOTHING about it, now, can I?!  Not after mentioning the IUI in the first place.

So, yeah.  It didn't work.  And I'm definitely disappointed, but I can't really say that I've been consumed by the disappointment, either.  Too many other things to do!  I'm kinda-sorta leaving the door open for a possible IUI in February, BUT I haven't talked with my RE yet, so that's just really, really questionable.  I really want his honest opinion first.

Right now I'm focusing on just enjoying my almost-four-year-old, looking forward to the holidays, and trying to picture us as a mom-and-daughter family.  A family of two.  Gotta watch some more Gilmore Girls...   lol.
As far as kids are concerned, I really do feel like with my daughter, I won the Kid Lottery.  She's just absolutely awesome.  Not all the time, of course, but generally speaking?   I just really, really love her to pieces.  She's a lot of fun to spend time with, and I live for the weekends when I can spend the MOST time with her.  Sometimes I really can picture us as a fantastic family of two.  Other times I feel like there's a missing family member, which is really how I've felt up until now, ever since K was born.  There's supposed to be somebody else in our family!  Two kids, one mom, that's always how I've pictured us.  So I've just been trying to re-envision our future together...

It's not easy, especially when I find myself wishing I had started this SMC process sooner.  Maybe I could have had two kids after all.  But K is just so meant-to-be that I can't imagine any other kiddo in her place.  In my eyes, she's absolutely perfect.  And I KNOW there are many, many advantages to having an "only" kid.  But I still get to be sad for a little while longer.

Sunday, November 3, 2013

One week down, one to go.

The title of this post basically says it all.  I'm now one week into the two week wait, with one more to go.  Not going to comment on any "symptoms" since I honestly don't trust anything my body might or might not be doing right now, as my brain has made it all up in the past, so who really knows.  Suffice it to say, I just want to KNOW one way or another.  Tomorrow is 10dpiui, but I am going to try my best to resist the POAS nonsense until at least Friday.

In other, more exciting news, Miss K had an absolute BLAST on Halloween this year!  We practiced saying "Trick or Treat!" together for a day or two beforehand, and for the most part she did really well remembering what to say when people opened the door, as well as "thank you" after they gave her treats.  We stayed out for an hour, walking around the townhouse complex where we live, and that was just enough for the both of us.  Needless to say, she asks for a "treat" from her plastic pumpkin after every meal, breakfast, lunch and dinner.  Not that she gets one every time she asks, but I give her credit for her persistence!!

Here she is in her monarch butterfly finery--the wings were easily put together with cardboard, paint, and construction paper, but it was a bit hard for her to fit through doorways!!  She was pretty happy after all, though.  Definitely hard for her to settle on a costume idea, but eventually she did, and all was well.

I just love this kid.