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Just Us Girls

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Thursday, June 24, 2010

New York state of mind

Wow, how lame am I??? I can't believe it's been so long since I last posted! My apologies.

Well, we're finally in upstate New York, and we'll be here through August 7th or so. Getting here was...um...interesting, but we did make it in one piece, albeit a bit delayed. Baby K was an absolute champ--she slept for most of the first leg, which brought us to Chicago O'Hare, where we had a three hour layover before we headed to our final destination of Syracuse. And wow, was it crazy there! SO many people dealing with delayed and canceled flights due to weather, and difficult to maneuver through them with the stroller, it was that crowded. I kept getting text messages of different departure times...delays, then--wait--nope, back to the original time. So I didn't get much in the way of dinner, but that was okay. We finally got to board, and only got in about 45 minutes late. But it was a very, very long day, and both K and I were so happy to finally get there. I did end up paying extra for economy plus, which had a noticeable amount of extra legroom. Very glad about that. And bringing along the Baby Bjorn was a stroke of genius--very helpful, especially when boarding and deplaning. I was so lucky to have an empty seat beside me during both legs of the trip, because I needed a place to lay baby while I wriggled out of the Baby Bjorn! Interesting that a flight attendant on the first leg told me that I *had* to take her out of the carrier before take-off. I wasn't told that on the second leg of the trip. Hmm. But definite note to self: on the way back I will NOT bring two carryons. Waaay too much to lug around, especially getting through security. I'm so glad I'll know what to expect on the way back! Hard to believe that K will be a little over five months old at that point!

So we're living at a much slower pace these days, which is really nice. K is getting to know her grandparents better, and they are *thrilled* to be able to spend time with her every day. She is growing and changing SO much!! I really have seen progress with tummy time, and she's getting better and better at lifting her head and chest up while she's lying on her tummy. She's fussing a lot less with it, too. The only thing I'm worried about while we're here is the car seat that we've borrowed from a family friend...it's plenty sturdy and in great condition, but the harness is only a 3-point harness rather than 5-point. I think it will work out fine in the end, but I'd be lying if I said I wasn't nervous at all about using it. It's only till early August.

I get some "me time" three days a week now, with the option of four: I joined a local rowing club, and I'm absolutely loving the chance to get on the water all summer! I rowed for all four years of college (at Syracuse U.) followed by stints of coaching at Florida State and Purdue, the latter while I was finishing my master's. I also did some coaching in Syracuse after I graduated...for some community and high school programs. So to get back into it is amazing! It's been fifteen years since the last time I rowed...until tonight! And wow, it really was pretty much like riding a bike--it all comes back pretty quickly. Definitely trial by fire, though...the club is getting ready for a regatta on July 3rd, so it was a lot of race-pace work tonight. Not so sure I'll be able to walk tomorrow! But I'm so glad I went out and did it. Can't wait for Saturday morning, our next practice!

I have lots of pictures of K to publish soon, and I will definitely get on that!!


  1. Glad to hear your trip went so smoothly!

  2. That's great about the rowing! Good for you for taking some Me time. I am with family, too (also in upstate NY) but haven't done that yet. Now I am more resolved to do so....the plane trip sounds pretty rough. Everything we do takes so much prep and then learning! I learned a lot on O's and my 10 hour car ride to upstate, too. Like get a bigger car.