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Just Us Girls

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Monday, November 16, 2009


Okay, I admit it: I'm a thief. I stole this idea from the coolest smart girl I know, Melissa, and I'm going to run with it because I feel like my last few posts have been such downers!

So here goes: these are just a few things I'm grateful for, in no particular order...

  • My friend L might just be pregnant!!!!! See my previous post for some of the particulars. I get permagrin every time I think about it! Another SMC-to-be who will be pregnant at the same time I am, we can trade off information, advice, and babysitting favors, you get the idea. SO excited.
  • So far, a strong and healthy baby girl. 'Nuff said. That's the biggest one of all.
  • I get to fly to upstate NY next Tuesday for Thanksgiving with my parents and my aunt and uncle! I haven't been back for six or seven years, so this is kind of long-awaited. Plus I think there's something special about returning to the house I grew up in now that I'm pregnant with my first child...like coming full circle. Mom has been busy washing teeny tiny baby girl clothes for me, and it'll be quite the special experience to go through them together.
  • I have such an amazing, incredible extended family here in CO, and I feel SO blessed that they will be such an integral part of my daughter's life. I see them so regularly that they're basically my on-location immediate family. There are very few people that I admire and respect more than this Colorado family...they are so incredibly special to me!
  • My new Calphalon Contemporary pans--love love LOVE them! My collection is growing, and it's fun to add to it, piece by piece.
  • First snows in Colorado...SO beautiful. And peaceful.
  • Little kicks every day!! They're getting stronger. Wow, I so can't wait to meet this little girl. <3
  • I think I have her name finalized in my mind. Not sharing (yet), but I absolutely love her first and middle names. Her first name is Irish, but not overly so...the donor is Irish and German, so it works. Plus he's a redhead, and I'm so hoping she'll get some of that, even though I'm pretty sure it's recessive. Her middle name is a variation on my wonderful grandmother's first name, and I love the rhythm of her first, middle, and last names together.
  • I've been amazed to receive quite a few gifts lately from my students, today being no exception. :) Today I was thrilled to receive a HANDMADE burp cloth from a girl in one of my classes! She stitched that hem so carefully, and it turned out great! I also received homemade grape jam made by the mom of one of the boys in another of my classes! Eleven-year-olds...they often drive me crazy, but you just gotta love 'em!!
  • Hot mulled cider. Turkey sandwiches with cheddar and big slices of tomato. Ice-cold chocolate milk. Just a few of my favorites these days. :)
  • ANY episodes of Bones. Re-runs, I don't care. I love every. single. one. Now I need to invest in the DVD box sets...
Okay, so these are just a few of the things I'm thankful for...I know I'll be adding to this list. :)


  1. Hoping for your friend!

    And I love your list :-).

  2. That's so cool about the name! I had lists with both of my girls, but didn't choose the actual name until labor (Robin Emily) and after the birth (Julia Elizabeth).

    Have a great time with your family! I hope this trip helps put some of the earlier issues to rest.

  3. My husband and I have the hardest time with names. We have a girl name picked out, but hopefully we won't be faced with having to pick out boy's names.

    Oh, and I love Bones. My husband can't stand it, but I LOOOOVE it. Especially recently.