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Just Us Girls

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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Thrilling news!

I could not possibly be happier for LoveYouAlready, who is now a new mom to a gorgeous baby girl through domestic adoption! I have hoped for this for her for as long as I've been following her blog (not sure how long it has been now)...what an amazing, ecstatic turn of events! And now that I have a precious baby daughter of my own, it makes it that much sweeter to know that she'll be able to know the same happiness that I've discovered over the past two weeks!

There just aren't words to express the magnitude of this kind of joy...it humbles me completely

I have always loved a great happy ending, though this is far more of a beginning than anything else...congratulations, and enjoy every moment!!


  1. Congrats to LoveYouAlready :-)

    And love your new look and blog name!

  2. You are very sweet. Thanks for sharing our happiness! xo