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Just Us Girls

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Monday, April 18, 2011

Thank you, I needed that!

Huge thanks to LoveYouAlready for turning me onto Kelle Hampton's amazing blog, Enjoying the Small Things. I truly feel like someone just opened a window and let in a fresh spring breeze, which I totally needed. Kelle is an incredible writer and an even more amazing photographer, and I'm finding that I totally lose myself in her words and pictures. Even just thinking about her blog makes me a bit emotional, because hers is a truly incredible story. If you haven't been over there to "meet" Kelle, Lainey, and Brett (as well as Austyn and Brandyn, her stepsons) and read Nella's birth story, run, don't walk, as soon as you can. You won't regret it, and her blog may just change your complete outlook, which it seems to have done for mine.

At this very moment, though, it's her music that's lifted my spirits. I was so in need of getting to know some new artists and songs, and I need to credit Kelle for my new-and-improved music player. The best part? I frequently pull up my blog at work just to listen to the music, and now I can bring Kelle's music to work with me, too! That completely makes me smile. (Because I so don't enjoy my job right now. But that's another post altogether.)

Her latest post, Over Easy, makes me absolutely want to run out and buy a brand-new 96-color box of Crayolas and a few coloring books. I might just do that. Right after I listen to a few more new songs, and smile.


  1. Thank you for sharing this blog--- she's such a great writer and her pictures are incredible!

  2. SO happy you love Kelle's blog too! :)
    Isn't the music amazing? Sad part is, whatever the new player is, it doesn't allow Canadians to listen due to restrictions on some songs (?!)...so sad, it was the best part of reading her blog.