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Just Us Girls

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Monday, December 7, 2009

Okay, two more...

Namely, things and people I can't get enough of:

I LOVE this show. And a bonus: several of my coworkers are addicted as well, so we have very, um, spirited discussions about characters, storylines, and so forth. Extremely entertaining! (both the show AND the conversations...)

And another:

Intervention on A&E. Yes, most of the episodes are hard to watch, but here is my guilty confession: the reason I watch is to reassure myself that yes, when it comes right down to it, I'm doin' okay. Oh, and I *sob* at each and every ending, no matter if it's a happy one or one that just didn't work out. In all honesty, I cry more at the happy endings, especially the ones that involve a happy reunion with the person's family members, which I guess would be, um...all of them. I also watch Hoarders which is on right after Intervention--it typically spurs me to clean at least part of my house while I watch. Again: yeah, I'm doin' okay.

In other news, I attended a two-and-a-half hour class on car seat safety tonight--I feel so naive! I mean, seriously, I can't get over how much I didn't even know I didn't know! It was a *fabulous* (and free!) class put on by my hospital network, and I am SO glad I went despite the horrible weather. I now feel much better equipped to find the best carseat that will not only fit my car but also my (potentially tall) child...I was remarking to my mom recently that I can't get over how MANY choices there are in carseats (as well as all things baby)! Yes, they do all have to pass the same safety guidelines, but clearly, after taking this class, I now know that there are also VAST differences between them. I did not appreciate learning about all the possible ways an infant could be injured or killed in an accident, but it sure underscored the importance of installing a well-made carseat correctly in order to protect one's child as fully as possible. Now I get to go *shopping*... :)

Still looking forward to my 3D ultrasound this Thursday! Yes, I WILL be posting pictures!!!


  1. Love, Love, Love Glee!

    How exciting that you get a 3D ultrasound. I just get the boring ol' 2D ones.

  2. OHMY...I was so overwhelmed when we registered. I took a friend with me that had recently had a baby and she was such a great help. Well, now my nursery is full of baby stuff and our adoption fell through, but at least I know more about the products now. There is so much to learn in the whole process and there are also a ton of things stores sell that you WON'T need. I was glad I had someone to walk me through all of it!

  3. hee hee, another interest we share in common...Intervention is one of my new faves. You're exactly right, it helps to remind you that your life isn't all that bad after all. Haha.