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Just Us Girls

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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

T3 approacheth

Sounds like Terminator 3, right? Yeah, I love that movie, but no. I can't help feeling a tiny bit down that my third trimester starts on Saturday. Happy that I'm that much closer to my girl's birth, but bittersweet that two thirds of my pregnancy are just about over with, never to be seen again. And chances are, this will be my only pregnancy. So everything feels like such a landmark.

Bad, bad day today...if you're a hot water pipe in my house. Yep, completely frozen. As in NO hot water to speak of, unless I've heated it in a big pot on my stove. Which I just did in order to do the dishes...the hot water is cooling as we speak, aiming for closer to a non-scalding temperature. It was like camping out this morning, complete with a sponge bath (!!!), because that's all I could do, and washing my hair in the sink with water that again, I had to heat on the stove. Far from civilized conditions, I tell you. But hey, you do what you gotta do. Which is what I gotta do till I can get those pipes thawed out. We've had some serious below-zero temps in Colorado over the past week, including a snow day yesterday (awesome) and a two-hour delay on both Monday and today (Wednesday). I'm thinking tomorrow will be a regular school schedule, however. So, in the meantime, I have two space heaters going in the kitchen, which is where said frozen pipes reside next to an outside wall, as well as my trusty blowdryer at the ready. I'm really gonna enjoy my next hot shower!! Funny what you take for granted when it isn't there anymore. My house is actually a cottage that was built in 1914, and yes, the pipes probably need to be better insulated (gotta call my landlords, which I've been putting off), but in the pipes' defense, the weather here has been positively *bitter*. As in 14 below overnight, including the windchill factor. Definitely far colder than the usual...very much unexpected. We're expecting a "thaw" of a balmy 28 on Friday, but here's hoping I can get things thawed out by then. Wish me luck.