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Just Us Girls

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Friday, October 14, 2011

Bad Mommy Moment #329

I can't even believe it. Shortly before lunchtime today I had to call my doctor's office (family practice) for an unexpected yet pretty urgent appointment because I glanced down at my arms during a morning meeting, and was shocked by the angry red rash that had suddenly appeared out of the blue. Seriously shocked, especially since I have NO allergies to speak of. At first the receptionist said, "Nope, sorry, we're all booked up today. No way, no how." (Well, she didn't say the last sentence I just wrote, but that was her tone.) But fate was on my side because she then said, "Oh, wait...nope, we have a cancellation. We can get you in at 1:15." And I nearly shouted, "I'll take it!" My colleagues told me today that they were convinced I had bronchitis, so I definitely had to get in to see someone anyhow. Peer pressure! Thank goodness today was a teacher work day, so I could take off for the doctor when I needed to without calling in an absence. I ended up being gone for only just over an hour.

So I went in, and when my doc told me what she suspected based on the rash, I nearly fell over. I seriously feel like the world's worst mom because I did not suspect this at all and I can't believe I exposed my precious child to it.

My four-day flu bug at the end of September, complete with fever, chills, achiness, sore throat (but not a bad one at all), congestion? Strep.

My repeat four-day flu bug this week that laid me out flat with fever, chills, achiness, and cough (NO sore throat)? Strep.

Angry red rash that showed up out of nowhere? Strep.

All of this attributed to strep. She did one of the rapid strep tests, and it came back confirming what she had suspected, strep. I had NO idea that fever, chills, and achiness can be due to strep. Didn't know a rash could also be due to strep. My mom tells me it's scarlet fever, which to me sounds as serious as smallpox. Craziness! And to think I left it unchecked since the end of September. AND I exposed my sweet girl to it, too. I feel like the world's worst mother. But I guess it could be worse. And now I know for the future.

So I couldn't get her in to be checked at all today, but we do have an appointment first thing tomorrow. I pray that her test comes back negative. But I wonder whether they might just put her back on amoxicillin just in case. I will be back on amoxicillin as of tonight, plus an inhaler (in-office sample! love it!) of albuterol for my cough.

I'm amazed that I have the audacity to try to get pregnant right now, in the middle of all these germs and this sickness! If this works amidst all the chaos of both of us being so sick, it'll be a miracle.


  1. Oh hon I'm so sorry I hope you feel better, and no you are not a bad mom.

  2. You're not a bad mom. In fact, the opposite is true. Every good mom I know puts herself last. (Of course this often cause more grief than not.) I'm glad you were able to see the doctor and are on the way to recovery.

    Strangely, I suspect I have strep as well. I cannot swallow and have fever and chills. No way I can see someone until at least tomorrow afternoon when I have someone to watch the boys so I can go to the urgent care. Trying to tough it out in the meantime. The boys have been exposed all along but are 100% fine thank goodness.

    By the way, my OB/GYN's 3 year old came down with scarlet fever. The nanny discovered it one morning at breakfast. My doctor felt like a bad mother. She isn't and neither are you.

  3. I'm sorry this has made you feel like a bad mom...you are not a bad mom,not even a little bit! Scarlett Fever isn't as serious as it use to be but I'm glad you got it diagnosed & treated. Hope you feel better soon.