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Just Us Girls

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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Oh! Em! Gee!

Wow...today really was just like Christmas all over again:

  • The crib arrived today--finally! It was supposed to be delivered between December 9th and December 16th. As they say, better late than never! I haven't opened the big box yet to make sure it's not scratched, dented, or the like...I still have to finish painting two walls of the baby's room first. But I may not be able to hold off. Plus I'm keeping it as a reward for getting all of my second quarter grading finished up and entered into the computer (it's all due by midnight tomorrow). After all the yuck is finished up, THEN I get to paint and put together the crib and see how it all looks. I'm just so glad it's HERE!
  • My backordered baby quilt and bumper arrived today as well! (Yes, yes, I know that bumpers aren't safe...right now it's all purely for decoration. I have a breathable bumper listed on my registry. The quilt will become a wall hanging.) This is the third crib set I purchased, believe it or not, and it's absolutely PERFECT. (I returned the other two.) It's gorgeous. Stunning. Perfect. I LOVE the colors...no pink whatsoever...and it's so perfect for a baby girl. The bumper has a sunrise on one side, and a sunset on the other. I absolutely love the nature theme of it all! I'll post a picture once it's all set up in her room.
  • But by far, the best news of the day (the week, the month, the year...) is the fact that my good friend Lisa is having TWINS!!! She conceived the exact same way I did: same fertility clinic, same sperm bank, different donor of course, and it worked on her very first diui. Twice over! She is a single mom-to-be of healthy fraternal twins, and everything is looking very promising. She found out on December 30th at her second ultrasound...the ultrasound tech was quite certain at her first ultrasound that she was having just one, but apparently the other one was playing hide-and-seek. Two strong heartbeats, and she's just about eleven weeks along. So now she has a lot to think about, but also a lot to celebrate, too. My little girl will only be five months older than Lisa's twins, so here's hoping they can be playmates. :)
  • Shiloh, my friend who miscarried last week, is also doing really, really well, all things considered. She's recovering from her D & C, and she and her husband have been wonderful supports for one another. They're planning on trying again as soon as they get the go-ahead from her doctor. And they have a beautiful new dog in their family (which they apparently were planning on for quite a while now) as well. :)


  1. Hi there! I found you thru Billy's blog (My Pathway to Motherhood). I'm a SMC too, and it's always nice to chat with others, since I'm in a rural area where conceiving with a donor is 'weird.'
    Congrats on your pregnancy and the arrival of your crib!

  2. Heather - I have so enjoyed your journey. I check in all the time. I'm in the "considering" place....scared, unsure, etc. But your posts lift me and make me think "yes, this is the right thing to do!" (I'm 41 btw...my first appt is with an RE based on all I read from you gals. Being OLD in fertility years, I want to be aggressive if I do it). Looking forward to hearing so much more from you!
    Continue to be awesome because you inspire scared women like me.

    Thank you!
    M from Denver ( I need to sign in)

  3. I love the crib and the quilt!

  4. @Rachel: Yay for discovering more SMC's! It's great to "meet" you!!

    @M: Thanks so much for delurking!! Yes, I know the considering place well--I was there for three years before I went for it and started trying! And you're definitely not "old" (even in fertility years, as far as I'm concerned)...it can certainly be done, and I completely understand wanting to be aggressive about it! My friend Lisa and I have talked about this at length (she's just about 42 and pg with twins). Definitely keep in touch!

    @Billy: Awww, thanks!! I love it too--it's even better when seen in person!

  5. Is that really your nursery? It looks like an ad in a decor magazine!!

    very beautiful. Congrats on all wondeful news. It will be simply awesome to have such a close friend on this journey with you.

  6. @Jo-- Haha, nope! That's from the Land of Nod website. I wish! It's the right bedding set, though. I have the crib set up and it's going to look great, but I need to finish painting and THEN I'll post some pics of the actual nursery!!