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Just Us Girls

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Thursday, January 28, 2010


So someone's been stealing my mail. And my packages. As if I didn't have anything else to get accomplished right now, now I have to figure out what to do next about this extremely distasteful situation.

I placed an order with Eddie Bauer back on January 3rd for four pairs of jeans/khakis/cords, about $180 worth, since I've really needed some non-maternity stuff that I could still wear with a belly band. After I tracked it, I discovered that it had been delivered a week earlier, but I hadn't seen it anywhere. Eddie Bauer was happy to credit my account and place a reorder...a few things were no longer offered in the colors I wanted, though, which was frustrating, and Eddie Bauer offered to ship it via FedEx express. I specifically asked for the "signature required" option. Tonight I discovered via the FedEx website that not only had the second package already been delivered and left on my porch (NO sign of it), but that there was no signature required. I called up Eddie Bauer, quite upset, who looked it up and their records still said "signature required", apparently a miscommunication on FedEx's part. So the grand total so far is SEVEN pairs of jeans/khakis/cords stolen, for a total cost of over $300. Fortunately, this time, the same items were still available, so now I have placed a THIRD order (they credited order #2) that will also be delivered via FedEx express. Tomorrow I will have to call EB again to get a tracking number, and I will be calling FedEx personally to make sure that the order indeed specifies "signature required". So here's hoping. Maybe the universe is trying to tell me I have no business ordering anything from Eddie Bauer ever...

I am quite sure that not only are my packages being stolen, but also my actual mail. Which freaks me out because of the possibility of the thief getting his filthy hands on one of those unsolicited preapproved credit card ads that has my name on it. He or she is probably trying to find a check or something else valuable, too, no doubt. Thankfully I'm not expecting any other checks, deliveries, anything else even remotely valuable, anytime soon. I put my mail on hold at the post office, to start tomorrow, and I'll be heading over to the post office in person tomorrow to find out what my next step should be. I also left a message with my landlords explaining what's been happening, and asking for permission (or for them to do it) to purchase a locking mailbox instead. Sadly the post office that services my address is way out of the way to even consider getting a post office box. The worst part, by far, is how violated I feel! Cliche`, I know, but it's true. I really want to drop-kick the bastards. Or worse.

The other bad news of yesterday is the fact that starting this Monday, I now have to go in to my OB's office for twice-a-week monitoring for the rest of my pregnancy. I was prepared for once a week, but the person who does the monitoring only works during the school day, not before or after. So I either have to give up a ton of maternity leave time, or find three or four teachers to cover the three, possibly four class periods I will be missing each week. Not to mention that the co-pays each week will total somewhere between $60 to $90. Don't get me wrong, I'm definitely glad they're keeping a close eye on me (looking specifically for toxemia), but this is both expensive and extremely inconvenient and stressful. I am trying to remind myself that at least I have not been put on bed rest, which would really eat up my maternity leave time. I'm trying to focus on the positive, but it's been a challenging week.


  1. Ug!! What a bad week!! I wish I had some advice to offer about the ---very strange---mail thief. My goodness. Is there any way to talk to the mail carrier/have it placed somewhere else? Really, that is just beyond the pale. And the dr visits must be VERY tough. I wish they could better accommodate your schedule. Sounds like a really rough week. I wish I could help! Hang in there my dear.

  2. Aww, thanks!! Actually, things are looking up...my landlord installed a locking mailbox just today (he acted fast!), and I got things squared away with the post office. Any future packages, for baby or otherwise, that come through the post office will automatically be held there rather than being left anywhere, and I just have to make sure that I pick up all FedEx packages from the local FedEx place (what I'm doing on Monday). I just hate the fact that the scumbag got away with it!! :)