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Just Us Girls

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Monday, July 25, 2011


Hope is the thing with feathers
That perches in the soul,
And sings the tune--without the words,
And never stops at all.

~Emily Dickinson

This quote is framed in one of the ultrasound rooms at my RE's office. I sat there, as I waited for my RE, and wondered how many other women before me had gazed at the very same quote...and pondered. Did they feel hopeful? Did it make them feel sad? Did they feel inspired to keep going? I have to say, reading that quote made me smile. It made me feel as though whoever put the quote there was truly thinking about what it might be like for their patients. Yes, I did feel hopeful.

And it turns out that I might just have reason to feel hopeful. Even though we have no idea about the quality of my eggs, much to my surprise, I did show four or five follicles on the right side and seven to ten follicles on my left side. Seven to ten! During the cycle in which I conceived my sweet K, I apparently only had one follicle. So how was this possible? I even took Femara to boost things along. I love the analogy that my RE popped off with: "Well, as you know, just because you're yelling at your children doesn't mean they'll listen!" I'm a rookie at this ovulation stuff, but apparently the number of follicles can vary--or really vary--during each cycle. Oooookay. But my RE looked at me and grinned and said that so far, things look really good! I won't get the results back from my day-three bloodwork for several days yet, but as of right now, it's all systems go for T42. Still not sure whether a second child is a wise idea, but for right now anyway, I'm very excited about the possibilities...


  1. I'm very excited for you...can't wait to read how things progress.

  2. Was having a child on my own a wise idea? Probably not, but it has been my greatest joy. So wise or not, I'm glad I did it. I suppose with two, I will have twice the worry I have now, and maybe twice the joy. A friend of mine said, you deal with what you get. In the end I suppose that's true, but being the planners we are, I'm sure we will always wonder, am I doing, or did I do the right thing.

  3. Possibilities are a wonderful thing to have. I'm happy for this hopeful news and wish you the best as always.

    Yes having two is difficult (at some stages more than others) but I can honestly say there hasn't been any problem that we didn't tackle and overcome so far. (Ok, I solve the problem--the boys tackle each other, LOL)