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Just Us Girls

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Tuesday, February 2, 2010


The Good:
  • Two stolen packages (since January 8th) mysteriously arrived on my porch early yesterday morning. No idea where they came from or who had them--what stories would they tell if they could talk?--but I'm not complaining. :)
  • GREAT customer service from both Eddie Bauer and FedEx. I should definitely let them know.
  • I am now having non stress tests and biophysical scans done twice each week until delivery, which makes me feel VERY well taken care of. My doc is watching for signs of toxemia, in which case he'd arrange to induce in very short order. My bp has been a little more elevated than usual (for me), but still well within the range of normal. Ankles still swollen (bordering on unrecognizable) but hands, fingers, and face still relatively unscathed, which is a good sign.
  • Baby girl is still kicking away as usual, and according to my OB, all is well. Measurements seem good, and I have a growth scan and cervix check scheduled for next week.
  • Dr. OB says he wants me to stay pregnant for another two weeks, meaning he might try to stop contractions if they occur, but after that, he'll let nature take its course. Two WEEKS?! Yikes! That's so soon!
  • The crib is now all put together, including the new crib mattress I bought last night, all bedding washed, and everything is looking quite adorable, if I don't say so myself.
  • All of my baby gear/supplies "needs" are taken of, as far as I can tell. Sure, there are a few things I think of as luxuries on my registries, but they're purely "wishes" at this point. Hey, as long as she won't have to sleep in a dresser drawer, all is well. :) Oh, and I also received a car seat in very good shape (accident-free) from a friend of mine, so there's that, too.
  • Baby shower #2 happening next Saturday! Can't wait!
  • Mom will be arriving from New York the week of the 14th! So much to tell her and show her, and my family here in Colorado is looking forward to seeing her as well!
The Bad:
  • I still have to do a ton of lesson plans for my as-of-yet-unhired-by-my-principal long-term sub, and I'm feeling completely apprehensive about the whole thing. I have to get on this, stat.
  • Two talent shows this Friday, one during the school day, one that night. Thank goodness I have help from another colleague, but I'm just praying things go well. Not exactly something I envisioned doing while nearly nine months pregnant. If I can get through Friday, I'll be able to breathe a little easier. I'll have to remind myself that "This is supposed to be FUN!" Um...yeah.
  • Oh yes, of COURSE midquarter grades are due by midnight the night before the talent shows. Because anything else would just be too easy.
  • I am definitely feeling more anxious about the finish line, even though I'm also very excited about meeting this little girl. Trying so hard not to be too hypersensitive with my students.
  • I really thought (and hoped) I'd be more debt-free by this point (weeks before her arrival) than I currently am. *sigh* Things aren't awful by any stretch, but I really hoped I'd have more on the ball.
  • Baby has dropped, which for some inexplicable reason I feel a little bummed about ( as well as being excited). Maybe it's the understanding that this pregnancy journey is rapidly coming to an end.
The Ugly:
  • My insurance requires me to pay a separate co-pay for all ultrasounds as well as usual OB appointments. Which means...every Monday I have a biophysical scan scheduled plus a regular appointment with the OB and an NST, and every Thursday just the NST part. So if I do the math, that's $90 a week in co-pays until delivery.


  1. omigosh---the reality of it all! It's almost here! Why are they doing the toxicity scans? Is it because of the ankle swelling? Just wondering...I have swelling but mostly in my hands...Anyway, sounds like you have a few things to accomplish but remember the world won't stop if things at work don't go off perfectly, or if one or two things don't get done. You're in good shape. So exciting that your mom is arriving---that will be so nice! Hey---glad the packages showed up!

  2. Wow - You are on your way too! I hope the toxicity scans are clear and you can just enjoy seeing your baby on the monitor twice a week. Fun!

  3. Hey mammawanna, everything going ok? Haven't heard from you in awhile! Hope all is well.