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Just Us Girls

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Monday, February 15, 2010


One cm dilated.
50 percent effaced.
She still needs to drop some. (I'm guessing +2 station)

Induction has been scheduled: March 2nd, 8:00 pm. (Actual due date is March 6th)


Time marches on, but not nearly fast enough for me.


  1. oooh! yay!! dilating and effacing! Yay for cooperating bodies and babies! But why do they need to induce if you are moving along so well? (Don't answer if that's too personal a question of course!) I'll be thinking of you lots in the next couple of weeks.

  2. Hi Jo,

    Nope, I don't mind answering your question a bit...it's all because I am of "advanced maternal age", bleah. Apparently the placenta becomes that much less effective after one's due date, and worse when the mom is "older". I'm glad he's not planning to induce until four days before my actual due date, and if my body is ready at that point, it's all good. I've got my fingers crossed for sometime next week, though! Thanks for the good thoughts...I can use as many as I can get!! (I'm starting to get a lil nervous! But excited too.)

  3. Ah, AMA! I am also AMA (will be 39 on March 3) but that course of action hasn't been suggested....I think different doctors are different. Anyway, like you say, it's all good, and you have really good care, which is what's important! Yay!! Good luck with everything. It's going to be great!