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Just Us Girls

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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Heartbeat City

Love it!!! A "strong" and "very clear" (my fabulous OB's words) heartbeat of 152 bpm. I love that it's getting easier and easier for him to find it each visit. I decided today that I'm going to start a new tradition for the rest of my pregnancy: to celebrate each awesome OB visit, I am going to stop off somewhere and buy something--as inexpensive as I feel like--after the appointment, just to throw a little party in my head and make it all feel a bit more real. So today's purchase (gender-neutral, of course) was a set of white long-sleeved newborn onesies and a set of white short-sleeved organic newborn onesies from Target. SO much fun to browse, but so much of it is oriented to either a boy or a girl, and I still have four more weeks to wait. Which brings me to...

You'll never guess when I get to have my anatomy scan and find out the gender!! Yep, on October 8th, my 40th birthday!!! I couldn't believe it. One of the best birthday presents I could possibly dream up, even if it does have to be my fortieth. The scheduling gal offered to postpone the appointment until October 12th, but I decided, no way. I can't wait to find out! So only one more month to go. Wonder if it'll drag or go by quickly...

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