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Just Us Girls

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Saturday, September 19, 2009

My favorite time of year

Ahh, fall...I'm so glad you're back! I LOVE fall for so many reasons. Among them:

  • that delicious smell of woodsmoke in the air, especially at night
  • a slight nip in the air, which, right now, feels downright refreshing
  • fleece--enough said!
  • pumpkins and fall decorations for sale in the stores
  • yummy-smelling candles around the house
  • cozy socks
  • seeing the leaves in the neighborhoods just begin to change
  • the chance (not quite yet, though) to drive up into the mountains and check out the aspens turning all shades of gold
  • my birthday--October's always been my favorite month
  • coming home and changing into cozy clothes, curling up on the sofa to watch TV or whatnot
  • snuggling under warm blankets
  • the first snow of the season!
  • all my favorite sweaters and corduroys, even though I can't wear them till next fall
  • sunny fall days are the BEST!
I'm sure there are more...just can't think of 'em at the moment. This is enough to pique my excitement for now! Right now, the best part is that the arrival of fall is yet another step closer to March sixth! Fall, then winter, then early spring when my little one will arrive! Woohoo!

(photo courtesy of www.hickerphoto.com)

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