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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Sigh of relief...times three

As I expected! I talked to my landlords today and got the green light for renewing my lease next month. They were definitely taken aback by my news...not at all what they expected I might say. And they seem to be very happy for me--because they both have (grown) kids, they started talking about cribs and changing tables and diapers and daycare and such, which was very cute. I am SO relieved. Not sure whether they'll let me sign a year's lease after this one, but I'll play that one by ear. I was really hoping to NOT have to move while pregnant. *sigh of relief*

In other news, I got a scary call from my OB's office today, and I found myself in that surreal place of wondering, is this when my pregnancy--and my LIFE--changes forever? I am altogether too aware that things can change on a dime when you least expect it, and my life is absolutely no exception. The call referred to my recent AFP bloodwork (for spina bifida and anencephaly) and asked me to call back immediately...my heart absolutely dropped. I called back and the nurse who had called sounded very sheepish--she thought I'd be angry that I'm going to have to re-do the bloodwork because I did it too early through no fault of my own. Turns out it has to be done between sixteen and eighteen weeks, which they didn't tell me, so the earliest I can do it is September twentieth. She has no CLUE that as long as it's not bad news about the wellbeing of my CHILD, I could care less! Sure, it's a tiny inconvenience, but in the grand scheme of things? That ain't nothin', lady. Really.

I got my thimerosal-free flu shot today--no mercury-based preservatives for me, thankyouverymuch. I'm not sure how much of any kind of risk it would be, but hey, if I can do it without mercury, why the heck not? It was easy and relatively painless, and I'm relieved because SO MANY of my students are sick right now. Getting the flu is not an appealing prospect. I haven't gotten a flu shot in several years at least, and I have no recollection as to whether or not I felt sick after getting the last one, whenever that was. Here's hoping I don't feel under the weather over the next few days. I'm so glad it's done and off my to-do list. :)

Counting down to October 8th...happy birthday AND happy gender day!!!

(I recently read about a cute idea for finding out the gender...have the ultrasound tech write the gender down on a piece of paper (and not tell me right away) and seal it in an envelope. Take the envelope to the local cake store, give them specific directions to open it (without telling me) and to make a cake with either a) strawberries or pink icing inside if it's a girl, OR b) blueberry filling or blue icing inside if it's a boy. Either cake would be frosted the same, so the only way to get the answer would be to cut into the cake and see. I love the idea, but a big part of me wants the option of talking with the ultrasound tech at the time to find out how "sure" she is about the gender. If it's questionable at the time, I kinda want to know that, you know? We'll see, I guess. :)

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