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Just Us Girls

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Sunday, September 13, 2009


Ugh. I have to talk with my landlords sometime this week to fill them in on the "big news"...my lease is up for renewal next month, and it's very specific in terms of only ONE person living here. (It's a small cottage that was built in 1914, and it's really best for a single person, or maybe a single person with a small child.) I don't think they'll tell me I have to move, and I certainly have zero desire to move while I'm pregnant. I've been a good tenant over the past two years, and I recently finished (well, almost) painting the entire porch ceiling, walls, railing and floor, which ended up being free labor for them (they paid for materials). Before they gave me the lease to sign two years ago, they were *about* to rent to a couple with a dog, but they were pretty thrilled to rent to just me (sans pet as well) instead. I suspect they'll be fine with me signing a new lease until next October, since the baby won't arrive until early March or late February, but perhaps not another lease after that. I don't know. But at this point I can't even fathom having to leave this cottage...it's been so perfect for me and I've absolutely loved it.

So where will I put the baby, you ask? Well, there is a small room off of the bedroom that's gonna be perfect. Before I moved in, it was designed to be a *large* walk-in closet, but the interesting thing is that it also has two small-but-very-sunny windows and even an exterior (deadbolted) door! It's light and bright and perfect for a baby's room. There are even grapevines (!) right outside one of the windows, and I love how the sunlight filters in through them. I'd so love to know what the room was intended for way back in 1914--I honestly have no idea. The bathroom is on the other side of the cottage, so I doubt it was for that. Anyway. Wish me luck this week...I so hope my landlords will let me stay. (Is it legal for them to say no? They're lawyers after all...)

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