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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

Or...Yes, sometimes everything CAN be sorted into those three categories. Actually, I'm too exhausted to think any further than this...I basically pulled an all-nighter last night to finish a project that was due today that I managed to basically put off all summer. Serves me right. But at least it's DONE, and now I can celebrate!

  • Awesome OB appointment today! My very first Doppler reading, and it didn't take him long to pick up a hb of 160 bpm. Perhaps this spells the end of the whole trans-vag song and dance...no complaints here. Spotting has stopped (sorry, tmi). Feeling great, and still no morning sickness. I'm one lucky girl. My next regular appt. is scheduled for four weeks from now. I have my NT scan this Monday.
  • No surprises when I finally got the information about my insurance coverage for all the ob stuff. It was just what I expected, and at least for now, I feel like it's all manageable. And I was actually surprised by said lack of surprise...I don't trust health insurance companies as far as I can throw them. Yeah I know, that made no sense. See exhaustion note above. But I figured they would try to screw me far more than they actually have...so far. We never know what the future holds.
  • I told my principal today about my pregnancy (because I was deathly afraid she'd hear it from someone else first, which she did, but didn't seem to care). She seemed very supportive and...gasp...even happy for me! Will miracles never cease...
  • Good first day back at school! I was overwhelmed by my closest friends' reactions to my news, and in all honesty, I kinda felt like something of a superstar all day. I got a lot done, and I'm so much further ahead in my "school readiness" than many, which makes me incredibly happy. I hate stressing that I won't get everything done...not this year!
  • My father fell down the stairs on Sunday night. Head first. In the pitch darkness because the power had just gone out, and he couldn't see where he was stepping. I'm talking, full flight of stairs, and he fell all the way down to the bottom. He took his time getting up, under the watchful care of my retired-RN mom, and because it was after midnight, they went to bed since he was feeling okay. Bruised, but okay, and he hadn't hit his head. But at 4 am, he awoke and was having a hard time breathing...Mom could barely get a blood pressure reading. So she called the paramedics who took them to the ER, and they did an x-ray, only to discover that he had actually broken a rib. He's fine now, despite bruising and a broken rib, and I asked, "Why on earth didn't you call me and let me know what happened?" They both replied that they were embarrassed over the whole thing and hadn't planned on telling *anyone*. Well, thanks. Thanks a lot. Now I'm finding myself that much more worried about them.
  • My friend Julie had a terrible, no-good, awful day today and really, there's just not much I can say that will truly make things better. I tried, mind you, but she just wasn't having any of it. I understand...sometimes only time will help.
  • I *feel* ugly just writing about this. But I'm just going to say it once, then hopefully never bring it up again. One of my colleagues is also pregnant, four weeks ahead of me, which is NOT the ugly part. What's so frustrating is that she is a size zero. ZERO!! Seriously. And she's pregnant. I know she's going to stay just that skinny and grow this nauseatingly cute little baby bump while I blimp out like, well, the Good Year Blimp. *sigh* Yes, I confess it--I also kinda felt like she stole my thunder today. But now it's time to put on my big-girl panties and get over it already--I have bigger things to focus on.

Editor's note: I've been working on a new post with my nominations for the One Lovely Blog award. It's getting there, but it's also taking longer to get it all together. So your patience is very much appreciated.

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