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Just Us Girls

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Friday, August 28, 2009

Tears of joy

How is it that I can be so overjoyed for someone I've never even met? Perhaps it's because I know her joy...I experienced it back on June 29th, when I saw those two beautiful little lines for the first time and felt the world shift beneath my feet. Logically I know that one person doesn't "deserve" pregnancy more than any other, but when someone has been through hell and back and finally achieves it--against all odds--it just does something to me. In all honesty I don't know much about "super crappy sperm" or FET's. But when I read Murgdan's post I just sobbed. Yes, I admit it. Sobbed. (Thanks, pregnancy hormones, for that!) We all were so hopeful for her, for this cycle, and I had imagined how I might feel if it actually panned out...I can hardly believe it. If anyone "deserves" it, it's Murgdan, and I couldn't be happier for her. Yes!

Happy, happy day. Life is good.

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