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Just Us Girls

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Tuesday, August 25, 2009


Trying, at least! Even though my colleagues know that I'm pregnant, my goal was to keep it from my students for as long as possible. That's proving to be harder than I expected, since I now have a *small* bump! Normally I'd be excited, but I really don't want the parents of my students to assume I'll be distracted or less committed to their kids if I tell them now, right when the school year has just started. Where school is concerned, dresses are easy and comfortable, but not as concealing as I'd like. So....maybe it has to be all about two-piece ensembles for a while. Hopefully they'll think I'm just fat. Never thought I'd wish for that.

I also never thought I'd be so happy to cross paths with an "unlucky" number! Thirteen weeks on Saturday!!

Awkward! I think a friend of mine at work is ticked off at me because she resents the fact that I'm pregnant. I honestly don't know what to say or do, considering I've walked that path before. And it ain't easy. She'll be pursuing diui as well, but can't quite yet until a financial situation resolves itself, hopefully soon. In the meantime...what can I do?? No clue.

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