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Just Us Girls

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Thursday, August 20, 2009

Things are lookin' up

  • I'm relieved...I only spotted for two days, and then it stopped. Next appointment = September 9th. Twelve weeks on Saturday!! Woohoo!
  • So far school is going pretty well, except for some *large* class sizes (as in 35, and 35 sixth graders in one classroom is really not even close to an ideal situation). But it's do-able, so all I can do is put on my seatbelt and hold on. So far--and yes, I realize that early impressions aren't always reliable--the kids are super-sweet and fun to be around. I'm surprised by how happy I am feeling to be back in the classroom...I really expected to feel more grouchy and short-tempered. So far that's not the case, which really makes me happy. Here's hoping it'll last.
  • However, I'm having a hard time with fatigue. I swear, by 3:40 every day, it feels like I can hardly see straight because I'm so tired. As in bone-tired, where all I can manage to do is get myself home and fall into bed, exhausted. I also hate how completely groggy I feel when I wake up, sometimes early the next morning, sometimes only a few hours later. I'm hoping that it's just beginning-of-the-year fatigue that's only a little bit compounded by pregnancy, and that things'll get easier over the next couple of weeks. Hope springs eternal... One thing's for sure, I HAVE to get this sleep schedule thing under control.
  • Project Runway on Lifetime + Top Chef Las Vegas on Bravo = absolute bliss. I LOVE this time of year!!
  • I've got every finger and toe crossed for Murgdan tomorrow. I really, really want her to have a successful FET. Please send her some love.


  1. ~whew!~ SO glad the spotting stopped. SO glad.

    YAY - TOP CHEF!!!! I'm so freaking happy with that.

  2. I'm glad the spotting stopped, and that you are surviving the first weeks of school---sorry you're feeling so fatigued (I can relate!).

    Ya know, it's really time I got premium cable. After all, I'll be spending a lot of time on the couch in the next year feeding junior. !