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Just Us Girls

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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Exciting stuff, I tell you...

I'm having my first ultrasound FIVE days from now, on Monday! I'm alternately terrified and excited about possibly seeing a heartbeat for the first time. I can't decide whether I want to go by myself or bring someone with me...I'm leaning towards going by myself, in all honesty. Then maybe I'll bring someone with me to later appointments. We'll see.

I met my OB for the first time today, and he definitely wasn't what I expected. I was and still am a little creeped out by the way he's just assuming this pregnancy is a done deal....baby this, baby that...as though OF COURSE you'll make it through the next 35 weeks and you'll end up with a baby in your arms. I've seen too much. I read too many blogs about loss to naively accept that it's just going to happen the way I want it to. Of course I'm hopeful, but if I can carry this baby to term I'll be the exception rather than the rule. Plus, my odds of having a Downs baby are one in 150, which to me aren't great odds. There's a hell of a lot to think about. But on the plus side, there is a lot of testing to be done along the way, and he's more than willing to do it. I"ll be curious to find out how much of said testing will be covered by my insurance. Hopefully I can find out sooner rather than later.

My Impressions of My New OB, Part One
  • Very knowledgeable. Really knows what he's talking about.
  • Definitely brusque. All business, all the time.
  • No apparent sense of humor. See above.
  • Gave me plenty of time for questions, even though his response was, "What else?" after each question.
  • He was wearing clogs. Clogs! Like the ones chefs might wear in the kitchen.
  • It was the fastest exam in history, even though he did everything he said he would. He said everything seems great, which is really reassuring.
  • When he was ready to start the exam, he pulled out a walkie talkie (!) and barked, "Four!" and almost immediately, a female nurse showed up to assist. Creepy.
  • Not at all what I expected, especially after everyone and her sister has been raving about him. Not in a bad way, necessarily. Just...not what I expected.

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