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Monday, July 27, 2009

Sobfest! (UPDATED)

UPDATE: I just discovered that embedding was disabled by the request of the couple, I'm sure, but please follow the link and watch it on YouTube. It's worth a look.

So how much of a nerd am I, you ask? Oh, you're about to find out...I'm sure it must have something to do with being hormonal. But I just watched this video again and I'm still bawling just as much as the first time, especially when the groom and then the bride make their entrance: talk about absolute JOY! They're just celebrating the hell out of what is meant to be happiest day of their lives, and it shows. I wish everyone could be so lucky as to enjoy a day like that! Maybe there's also a part of me that is sad that I might never experience a celebration like that (but I still have hope!). Thanks to Melissa for hooking me up with this video!

Well, I had a great mini-vacation in Minnesota, and now (thankfully) my entire immediate family knows my big news! It went as well as I could hope for, which was a huge relief. It was a really meaningful moment for me, so as my parents opened their little packages simultaneously, I got all weepy and I'm sure they were wondering what on earth was going on! My mother held up the little frame to the light at the window and said, "Is this what I THINK it is?" and she was just really amazed and pleased, as was my dad, too. She remarked to my aunt a little later that she "just got the biggest news of her LIFE!" At dinner a bit later my aunt and uncle toasted to "the two new grandparents at the table"...it was sweet. And I also called both of my brothers to tell them, and I think they were shocked more than anything else, but also happy for me. So now I have tentative plans to travel back home to upstate New York for Thanksgiving, when I get to go through boxes of baby clothes and pick out what I want. I'll most likely know the gender by then. Mom's been saving them for me for years, which is kinda special considering that I'm the only daughter in the family, so it's a cool privilege. Not that I'll necessarily end up using all of them, but the fact that she's been saving them just for this occasion really warms my heart.

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