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Just Us Girls

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Monday, July 13, 2009

Magic = 126 bpm

Ack, what a relief! I heard (and saw) a beautiful heartbeat today! I also found out that I'm not quite as far along as I had thought...according to the doc I am 6w2d, and according to the ultrasound, I'm measuring 6w1d, which is pretty much right on. So I will be ECSTATIC to get to August 23rd in one piece--that will be twelve weeks. Apparently today is a good milestone against miscarriage, even though it could still happen over the next six weeks. The heartbeat was 126 beats per minute, which they tell me is good. And what a magical sound! I didn't get emotional until I was in my car heading home, and in the office I wasn't aware that I was holding my breath until she found the heartbeat and I was able to exhale. :) Thank goodness!

So my next appointment is on August fifth. I bought two sweet little baby-related picture frames today, and I will wrap those up with the ultrasound pictures in them to give to my parents next Friday when I see them at a family reunion. This will be their first grandchild, so telling them in person will be such a treat! I can't wait. It's so hard to go through this without being able to talk to my Mom about it all...we're pretty close. But I really wanted to be able to tell them in person, so so far, I've forced myself to hold out. :)


  1. Oh, I love that you're telling your parents that way! Have you ever watched youtube videos of pregnancy announcements? They always leave me hysterically crying, in the best way :)

  2. Ooo, I'll have to check that out! :)

  3. Okay...so we go away for a week and find out that not only you have now changed your blog address but that you are all knocked up.

    Just kidding!

    (Actually, we did read about it in Germany but were not in a situation in which we could post a comment - and German keyboards were only part of the problem).

    How cool is this? And you do realize the odds against IUI actually "taking" effect?

    Anyhow, our very warmest congratulations on your changed state of fertility - and we look forward to reading about your experiences over the coming months.

    Best wishes from North of your border.

  4. congratulations on a good ultrasound!

  5. That's awesome! So happy for you.

    Waiting for your post about telling your parents. :-)