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Just Us Girls

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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Musings from a newly pregnant chick.

  • My first prenatal appointment is scheduled for next Tuesday, and I can't wait! But apparently I can visit a lab for my first beta, which will put my anxious mind at (relative) ease, anytime after tomorrow. I'll be picking up the lab orders tomorrow. And my OB's office called in a prescription for Pro.metrium, which I'll also pick up tomorrow.
  • I found (on the I Heart Single Parents site) a onesie that says, "My mom's single. Ask her out!" That made me laugh out loud! I don't intend to take myself or my situation too seriously, in the sense of having fun with it every so often. I'm so there.
  • My list of Choice Moms blogs is getting longer! Woo hoo! From now on I'm going to actively seek out blogs and such written by other choice moms. I know I'm not alone in my choice to become a single mom.
  • It's kinda fun to think optimistically and start to see myself as a potential single mom. I registered on I Heart Single Parents today, even though I'm not really even close to being technically "there" yet. I also scoured the Choice Moms site, and I'm planning on checking out the children's books and books for adults about families with donor offspring. I'm a little torn, though--I'm not thrilled about reading a lot of stuff about donor offspring with identity issues, resentment, etc. even though that scenario is certainly possible. Not while I'm pregnant, anyway. I'm already feeling extra-weepy and extra-impatient these days.
  • To whoever might be reading: thank you for all of the positive comments and support on my "old" blog! It means more than you know!!


  1. lol on the onsie. :)

    And welcome to blogspot!!!

  2. Blogspot ROCKS. Hands down. :)

  3. Love the new space.

    I did lots of reading about kids views on donor conception, and the majority of kids were absolutely fine with it if their parents were open with them. Most of the ones who had issues were cases where it was a secret that they later discovered.

    Also, kids of SMCs and same sex couples seemed to deal with it the best. :-)

  4. Congratulations on the beautiful BFP!

  5. Dora...I'm glad that's what the research shows. And I definitely plan to be as open as is age-appropriate. Hey, are you planning on finding out the gender of your baby ahead of time, or are you going to wait? (no waiting for me, for sure!)

    Meg, thanks for the congrats!! Comments are always appreciated!

  6. One of my favorite choice mom memoirs is "Choosing You" -- very positive... and I really related to how the author chooses her own family. I'm there.